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Preschool Classes
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About Preschool Classes
Preschool-age children and their parents will enjoy time together while learning how fun school can be!

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  • Doing Preschool Together

    Doing Preschool Together 33 months and up Separation with Parent Group 2nd Day Child Drop off An excellent choice to introduce your youngster to preschool! All lessons planned will include readiness skills based on MN standards, the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress, literacy, and STEM programming. One of our most popular classes! Children must have independent toilet skills. Day One (Monday/Tuesday) - Parent/Child Day. Children and their parents participate in activities together. Parent group will focus on school readiness. Day Two (Wednesday/Thursday) - Child Alone Day. Child will gain independence, social skills, and start a foundation for school readiness skills. Doing Preschool Together Rates Meets twice a week, 16 weeks (will be split into two payments January and March) $504 - $125 and above $476 - $100K-$125K $448- $75K-$100K $420 - $50K-$75K $392 - $50K and below No family is ever turned away for an inability to pay.
  • Creative Kids

    Creative Kids 33 months and up Child Drop-off Children will experience a classroom filled with developmentally appropriate activities to spark your child’s imagination. Leave the mess at school as your child creates his or her next masterpiece utilizing a variety of tools and materials. Parents will connect with at-home ideas and weekly updates on how the creative process promotes brain development and sets foundations for future learning. Children must have independent toilet skills.