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Preschool Classes
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About Preschool Classes
Preschool-age children and their parents will enjoy time together while learning how fun school can be!

Featured Courses

  • Getting Ready for Kindergarten

    4 or 5 years, entering kindergarten in fall 2023 Separating - (Drop-off) Parents and kids need time to adjust to the idea of kindergarten! In this class especially for children heading to kindergarten in the fall 0f 2023, we will discuss the readiness factors and the create a guide to help calm those jitters!
  • Creative Kids

    The fee schedule was switched in the brochure - prices are correct online. SEPARATING - Child Drop off 33 months and Up Children will experience a classroom filled with developmentally appropriate activities to spark your child’s imagination. Leave the mess at school as your child creates his or her next masterpiece utilizing a variety of tools and materials. Parents will connect with at-home ideas and weekly updates on how the creative process promotes brain development and sets foundations for future learning. Children must have independent toilet skills.