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Doing Preschool Together

ECFE - Early Childhood Family Education / Separating Parent-Child Classes -
2023.24 Fall and Winter

33 months and up
Separation with Parent Group
2nd Day Child Drop off 

An excellent choice to introduce your youngster to preschool!
This class is perfect for children who are working towards the independence skills needed for preschool. All lessons planned will include readiness skills based on MN standards, the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress, literacy, and STEM programming. One of our most popular classes! Children must have independent toilet skills. 

Day One (Monday/Tuesday) - Parent/Child Day.
Children and their parents participate in activities together.
Parent group will focus on school readiness. 

Day Two (Wednesday/Thursday) - Child Alone Day.
Child will gain independence, social skills, and start a foundation for school readiness skills.

For more than one child, please contact Jane at


  Sibling Care Offered

Community Ed Center : 201
Tue/Thu, Nov 28 - Feb 22
8:15 - 10:15 AM

  No Class Dec 19, Dec 21, Dec 26 & Dec 28


Full - waiting list